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Unlimited Flow Music

Unlimited Singing Bowls and Gongs Unlimited has a new sonic venture, Unlimited Flow Music. It's all about creating music and sounds that are ambient, healing, and meditative. After spending fifteen years experiencing and playing these healing instruments, we thought it would be great fun to start sharing some of their sounds with you.

We are happy to announce Unlimited Meditation Music is releasing our first album, Space Forest, on March 5th, 2019. Written and performed by Conoley Ospovat, Unlimited Singing Bowls employee, electronic music composer, and world-traveling DJ.

The Unlimited Malletheads that have congregated at Gongs Unlimited and Unlimited Singing Bowls are a musical and spiritual bunch, so we plan to have more creative releases in the near future. We plan to launch other ambient and spiritual composers work too.

Our goal is to have sounds that help you chill in this world that is currently being rattled and shaken up on so many levels. We know there are times when these sounds can help you get your mental and emotional house in order.

Peace In.

Album is available to stream on all major platforms.
Album is available for purchase here
Unlimited Flow - Space Forest - Feb 26th 2019