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Temple Bowl Gongs (Black Ching Bowls)

The Temple Bowl Gong, also known as the Black Ching Bowl, is made of bronze in a special factory in China. This bowl is a favorite of Buddhists and others who practice meditative disciplines. It is used to clear and still the mind's chatter and calm your energy. Watch a wonderful video about bowl practice from Sister Dang Nhiem at Deer Park Monastery, in this blog.

Smaller Temple Bowl Gongs will reveal higher notes than larger ones. The larger the bowl, the deeper the note, the more overtones and the longer the sustain. Larger bowls are great for group meditations. Depending on where you sit in relation to a bowl, and how it is played, you can hear different frequencies.

The Temple Bowl can be played similar to a singing bowl, rubbing a mallet around the rim, or using a mallet to strike the side to get a more specific note. If you are looking for specific notes, please contact us. We are happy to help you find what you want.