Who We Are

Unlimited Singing Bowls is the new sister store of Gongs Unlimited, the Internet's most beloved gong seller ever since we opened in 2004.

We have been honored as a business to serve sound healers, yogis and meditation groups with our gongs. In that spirit of service we have now expanded to include singing and crystal bowls. These gorgeous sound creating bowls can be an integral part of your healing and centering. Having been involved making and working with singing bowls hundreds of years ago (in previous incarnations), we are delighted to help share their spiritual gifts with a greater amount of souls today in the twenty-first century. We are all about helping humanity's Namaste become less nasty. 

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska in the USA, but we ship all over the world with alacrity and safety. 

Contact us if you have any questions or need to know more about specific bowls.

EMAIL  - info@unlimited-singingbowls.com

PHONE - +1 (402) 474-4664