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About Us

Unlimited Singing Bowls is the younger, cuter sister of Gongs Unlimited, the Internet's favorite and most-beloved internet gong seller since 2004. That's right, kid-sister over here. And what does every younger sibling want? To let you know how great we are! Here's how great we are:

1. Sound Samples, Made-to-Order, & Personalized Shopping
You want to know that you're getting an amazing-sounding bowl.
Maybe you need a very specific note or style of bowl. 
Perhaps you're looking for a specific vibe. 

If so, you can reach us via contact form or phone number (see above for either option) to let us know what you're looking for.
We can also work with you on building sets or ordering in large quantities.
In the words of Engelbert Humperdinck: All you gotta do is ask! 

2. Approved Bowl Dealers 
That's right! These bowls didn't just fall off the back of a truck.
We're certified and approved to lovingly deal and distribute crystal bowls and more from trusted names like Crystal Tones and Meinl Sonic Energy.

We also offer our own Unlimited Crystal Singing Bowls. They are the highest-quality bowls, but they don't suffer from the over-pricing that comes with some of the more popular name-brands. We also offer a buffet of Unlimited Singing Bowl Accessories designed just for your needs, without the hype!

3. Experience
We've worked with gongs, singing bowls, and other sound healing instruments for almost two decades!
We are interested in the intersection of sound therapy with intuitive and clairvoyant healing.
Thanks to our access to these amazing instruments, we have a lot of experience with sound baths and group sound healings as well.
We're here to help guide you on your sound healing journey. 

4. Location
We're located in the middle of America, in the center of the singing bowl that is the United States: Lincoln, Nebraska.
This makes for easy shipping within the US.
We also ship all over the world.

If you need help and you are trying to call us, keep in mind that we are on Central Standard Time (the same time zone as Chicago). 


Questions? Check out our "Contact Us" page.