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Dieter Schrade Mallets

Dieter Schrade had a vision of the Pyramids of Giza and how it could relate to Quartz.  Over a decade later, this inventor and sound instrument creator has provided us with a large selection of high quality Crystal Pyramids and other Quartz Healing objects, made in Germany.

As he has said, "My job is to best propagate and manifest my crystal-sound instruments in their original form on planet Earth. I have subordinated all my work to this task and devote all my energy, love and devotion to the production of my crystal instruments. It is not simply the production of a product, but I consider this work as "worship" and related, all my crystal instruments receive the spirit that was revealed to me with this inspiration.  All the pyramids and instruments I make bear my DS, leave my workshop with the intention of bringing "light and clarity" to the world through the vibration of the material."

We soon shall offer more of his fine instruments, but right now, we offer Dieter's great crystal singing bowl mallets.  They will give you amazing tones from your crystal bowls, easily and delightfully.