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Japanese Bowls and Bells

These traditional Japanese bowls are made of the finest quality bronze. 

Handmade by a small company with a 250 year legacy of making Buddhist shrines and bells, each bowl is blessed prior and post manufacture to ensure its purity and intention. 

Although we call these instruments "bowls," they can also be considered bells. They sound best when struck lightly with a mallet near the rim producing a clear sound. 

These high-quality handcrafted Japanese Buddhist Bowls have incredible sound and work brilliantly for meditation and other sound healing work.   

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Japanese Bowls and Bells

How do Japanese Bowls and Bells compare to Tibetan Sound Bowls?

Japanese Bowls and Bells, like our How Bells, our Hiro Wide Bells, or our Daitokuji Bowls, are similar to Tibetan Singing Bowls and other bronze bowls from Asia – they present clean, warm tones with long sustain, perfect for meditation and sound healing..

They are made of a slightly different type of bronze and they tend to be slightly more dense and bell-like with a very clear fundamental tone. They pair well with all kinds of singing bowls and healing instruments.

Can you get the same singing bowl benefits from Japanese Bowls and Bells as with Tibetan Healing Bowls?

Yes, playing Japanese Bowls and Bells will give you all of the same singing bowl benefits as any other bowls or similar sound healing instruments – release stress and tension, practice mindfulness, increase focus, combining sound and intention to work through trauma and negative thought and behavior patterns, etc. These bells and bowls work great in sound therapy.

I’m looking for a prayer sound bowl or meditation bowl – are Japanese Bowls good for prayer and meditation?

These bowls and bells, specifically the Daitokuji Bowls, are perfect for prayer and meditation. They were originally made in temples, specifically meant to be used by monks in their prayer and meditation practice. If you’re looking for instruments to use in your Buddhist practice or other spiritual meditation practice, these are perfect for you.

Can I get my Japanese singing bowl notes tuned to chakra musical notes?

These bowls aren’t tuned to any specific notes or chakras or solfeggio frequencies or anything like that. Different bowls at the same size will tend to be in the same note and octave range, but their final pitch is undetermined and unrelated to any specific chakras.

Are Japanese singing bowls good in a crystal sound bath?

We think these bowls go perfectly with any kind of sound healing instruments, whether that be gongs, bells, chimes, or crystal singing bowls. If you’re looking for a meditation or prayer bowl to go with your crystal singing bowls, these bowls and bells are the perfect addition.

Do I need anything to get started with my Japanese Singing Bowls and Bells?

Each of our Japanese Bowls and Bells comes with a pillow and a mallet. Otherwise all you need is some patience and intention! No amount of incense, himalayan salt lamps, Palo Santo sticks, sage smudging wands, cleansed crystals, etc. will get you where you need to go if you don’t have a little it of spiritual intention and patience – though we do think those things can set a really nice mood and energy to get you in the right headspace. But don’t let “setting the vibe” get in the way of a nice intentional moment with you and your bowl.

How do I play my singing bowl?

We have two YouTube channels with a ton of video demonstrations and examples of people playing different bowls. Feel free to check those channels out here and here. There are also a ton of resources out there from other people. Take some time to look around and see if you can find what you need. There’s no substitute for a little patience and practice – start with a little, gentle tap. Then try dragging the mallet around the rim at a slight 45 degree angle inward, toward the center of the bowl. You’ll be able to feel it when the sound starts to come. You can do it!