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Meinl™ Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl Set (SOLCSBSET)



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This listing includes six Solfeggio tuned crystal singing bowls with white rings for each bowl, one crystal singing bowl rod, and one singing bowl mallet.

Note: The bowls in the photo and video are not the exact bowls you will receive, but an example of what this set usually looks and sounds like.

Meinl's Crystal Singing Bowls are made of pure, high-quality, frosted quartz crystal, designed to create a pleasant, calming atmosphere. With long sustain and a spreading, spherical tone, this bowl's aura can be felt in the physical and subtle bodies.

The Solfeggio Tuned Crystal Bowls are tuned to the ancient solfeggio frequencies. Solfeggio frequencies are vibrations of sounds that are said to have a healing and health-promoting effect on our body, mind, and soul.

Add this Set of 6 Solfeggio Tuned Crystal Bowls to your sound healing toolkit and tap into the power of Solfeggio frequencies to create a peaceful, therapeutic atmosphere with crystal sounds for yourself and others.


"These crystal bowls are made and finely tuned in China. They are tuned in an environment where there are potentially different conditions than where you are playing it. Temperature, humidity and other impermanent levels of our planet's environment can affect the frequency of a crystal bowl when played.

The Solfeggio bowls have a plus or minus 1hz variance that our German Quality Control Staff accepts, despite the pain it gives them. And we are not sure it could be achieved on a large scale.

Also, the price of these instruments would be substantially more, unaffordable for most, without this tolerance to this small variance."

The Meinl Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl Set:

The 10" Ut 396 Hz Bowl:
Ut = 396 Hz (Utquent laxis)
396 Hz / G4
Root Chakra
Bowl Diameter: 9.75"
Bowl Height: 7.75"
Rim Thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 5 lbs 4 oz

The 10" Re 417 Hz Bowl:
Re = 417 Hz (Resonare fibris)
417 Hz / G#4
Sacral Chakra
Bowl Diameter: 9.5"
Bowl Height: 7.75"
Rim Thickness: 7 mm
Weight: 5 lbs

The 8" Mi 528 Hz Bowl:
Mi = 528 Hz (Mira gestorum)
528 Hz / C5
Solar Plexus Chakra
Bowl Diameter: 7.75"
Bowl Height: 6.75"
Rim Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 3 lbs

The 10" Fa 639 Hz Bowl:
Fa = 639 Hz (Famuli tuorum)
319.5 Hz / D#4
Heart Chakra
Bowl Diameter: 10"
Bowl Height: 7.25"
Rim Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 4 lbs

The 10" Sol 741 Hz Bowl:
Sol = 741 Hz (Solive polluti)
370.5 Hz / F#4
Throat Chakra
Bowl Diameter: 10"
Bowl Height: 7.25"
Rim Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 4 lbs 14 oz

The 10" La 852 Hz Bowl:
La = 852 Hz (Labii reatum)
426 Hz / G#4
Brow Chakra
Bowl Diameter: 10"
Bowl Height: 7.25"
Rim Thickness: 7 mm
Weight: 5 lbs 8 oz

Watch the sound healing video below with Andrew using the Meinl Solfeggio Set to clear energy from your fourth chakra:

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