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Unlimited Infinite Therapy Bowl Sets

Hello and welcome to our Sound Healer Therapeutic Singing Bowls! These bowls are designed specifically with sound therapists and spiritual healers in mind. Extra time and attention go into the making of each bowl; double or triple hammering the metal of the bowl ensures that the sounds are pure and beautiful. They are a step above the basic bowl out there and hundreds of steps above the colored cast bowls you see offered at low prices.

Our Infinite Chakra Therapy Bowls are made using the classic bronze and are hammered fully at least twice to get a sweet sound, our Eternal Aura Therapy Bowls have a slighty adjusted Bronze recipe and are hammered at least three times to get a smoother tone and then also a thinner base in order to generate more vibration on the bottom of the bowl if placed on the body for healing work. Our Pure Soul Therapy Bowls are similar to our Infinite Chakras but have a Silver colored finish to them for sound healers that like a more bright and reflective look.

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