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CLEARANCE SALE! Little Laddu Gift Singing Bowl



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This listing comes with a gift bowl, striker, pillow, and decorative gift bag.

Please Note: We purchase these bowls by weight, not size. The diameters of each weight vary slightly. Please treat our listed diameter for these bowls as approximate.

Laddu is a spherical sweet originating from India. They are primarily made from flour, fat, and sugar. Laddus are often served during festive or religious occasions. The Little Laddu Gift Singing Bowl is as sweet and delightful as its name sounds.

These bowls create a bright tone when tapped or sung. These are not high-end singing bowls meant for sound healing or meditation. They are the perfect gift for friends, lovers, partners, coworkers, bosses, clergy, your personal guru, your parking enforcement agent, whoever needs a touch of bliss in their life.

Bowl Measurements:
Diameter: 4.5"
Height: 2.5"

Bag Measurements:
Diameter: 5"
Height: 4"

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