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Meinl™ 8" Purple Flower of Life 440 Hz Crystal Singing Chalice (F)



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This listing comes with one Crystal Chalice. It does NOT include a mallet. See Meinl's Singing Bowl Mallets here.

Note: The Chalice in the photo and video is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what these usually look like. With their intricately handcrafted shape and specific tuning, the chalices may vary slightly in height to be perfectly in tune.

Meinl's Crystal Singing Chalices are made of pure, high-quality, quartz crystal, designed to create a pleasant, calming atmosphere. With long sustain and a spreading, spherical tone, this chalice's aura can be felt in the physical and subtle bodies.

This 8" Flower of Life Crystal Singing Chalice is tuned to F according to the A = 440 Hz tuning standard. The chalice is finished with a beautiful Flower of Life pattern on the front. Meditating and reflecting on this symbol can bring deep healing and knowledge. Read more about this powerful ancient symbol here.

These instruments are lightweight and easy to hold. Add one of these chalices to your sound healing toolkit and work with crystal to create a peaceful, therapeutic atmosphere with crystal sounds for yourself and others.

Chalice Measurements:
Diameter: 8"
Approximate Height: 15"

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