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Meinl™ Cosmos Therapy Series Singing Bowl Set (SB-C-2150SH)



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This 2 bowl set comes with one Meinl Leather Resonant Mallet and two Meinl Suction Holders. Each bowl comes with a Meinl Felt Ring and a Meinl Singing Bowl Cover.

Note: The bowls in the video are not the exact, specific bowls you will receive. They are each one of many of the same style, type, quality and size. The exact tone and pitch may vary from one to the next, but it is a good, close and accurate sample of the bowls you will receive.

The Meinl Cosmos Therapy Series Singing Bowl Set is designed to accommodate professional meditation and sound therapy practitioners. The Cosmos Singing Bowls have a rounded design that helps produce a deep sustained tone from the belly of the bowl. Their expansive, rich tones are excellent for cultivating peaceful vibrations for sound healing.

With the Meinl Singing Bowl Suction Holders, you can move around freely during sound baths and therapy to focus and massage sound energy on different parts of the body.

The 6.25" Bowl (SB-C-650):
Bowl Diameter: 6.25" / 15.5 cm
Bowl Weight: 1 lb 8 oz / 650

The 9.25" Bowl (SB-C-1500):
Bowl Diameter: 9.25" / 23 cm
Bowl Weight: 3 lb 4 oz / 1500 g

Small Suction Holder (SBSHS) Measurements:
Length: 6.75"
Diameter of Suction Cup: 2"
Handle Diameter: 0.5"
Weight: 1.3 oz
The SBSHS Holder is suitable for metal singing bowls up to 650 grams in weight.

Medium Suction Holder (SBSHM) Measurements:
Length: 8"
Diameter of Suction Cup: 3"
Handle Diameter: 0.75"
Weight: 2.5 oz
The SBSHM Holder is suitable for metal singing bowls 700 to 1,500 grams in weight.

Leather Resonant Mallet (SB-RM-LE) Measurements:
Length: 7.9" / 20 cm
Mallet Diameter: 1" / 2.5 cm
Length of Leather: 4" / 10 cm

PLEASE NOTE: Before using the suction holders, the singing bowls should be completely free of dust and the suction pads should be slightly moistened. The suction holder should be firmly pressed in the center of the singing bowl and lifted by the solid wood rod. Please check to ensure a secure hold before each use. Do not hold any singing bowl above the face or body.

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