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Meinl™ Singing Bowl Suction Holders



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This listing comes with one suction holder for metal singing bowls.

Meinl Sonic Energy Suction Holders allow you to move metal singing bowls around freely during sound baths and therapy to focus and massage sound energy on different parts of the body.

Before using the suction holders, the singing bowls should be completely free of dust and the suction pads should be slightly moistened. The suction holder should be firmly pressed in the center of the singing bowl and lifted by the solid wood rod. Please check to ensure a secure hold before each use. Do not hold any singing bowl above the face or body.

The Small Suction Holder is suitable for metal singing bowls up to 650 grams in weight.

Small Suction Holder Measurements:
Length: 6.75"
Diameter of Suction Cup: 2"
Handle Diameter: 0.5"
Weight: 1.3 oz

The Medium Suction Holder is suitable for metal singing bowls 700 to 1,500 grams in weight.

Medium Suction Holder Measurements:
Length: 8"
Diameter of Suction Cup: 3"
Handle Diameter: 0.75"
Weight: 2.5 oz

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