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Unlimited 22" Clear Mind Bowls



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This listing includes the singing bowl, an appropriately sized mallet, and silk ring.

Note: Each of these 22" Clear Mind Bowls is unique. Once each one has sold, we won't have another one another one exactly like it. Please watch the video below to see if this bowl resonates with you. We purchase these bowls by weight, not size. The diameters of each weight vary slightly. Please treat our listed diameter for these bowls as approximate.

Unlimited 22" Clear Mind Bowl (#JAL201)

Unlimited 22" Clear Mind Bowl (#VAL117)

The large diameter of the 22" Clear Mind Bowl produces full tones with a long sustain. When struck with a mallet the bowl rings profoundly, sending forth deep, invigorating vibrations.

This bowl works great for large group meditations or profound healings. Pair one of these bowls with a big gong or with other large, deep sound bath tools to complete your sound.

Bowl Measurements (Approx.):
Diameter: 22"
Height: 8.5"
Rim Thickness: 8 mm
Weight: 27 lbs

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