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Unlimited 23" Tree of Life Earthing Bowls

Unlimited Singing Bowls


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This listing includes the singing bowl and a mallet. A pillow is not included.

Note: The bowl in the video is not the specific bowl that you will receive. It is an example of what this style of singing bowl will look and sound like. We purchase these bowls by weight, not size. The diameters of each weight vary slightly. Please treat our listed diameter for these bowls as approximate.

Unlimited 23" Tree of Life Earthing Bowl (#SIM202)

Unlimited 23" Tree of Life Earthing Bowl (#MIC692)

The Tree of Life is an ancient archetypal symbol that has appeared across many different cultures' philosophies and religious traditions. It represents, generally, that all life is connected to the source, however you conceptualize that source.

The Tree of Life can be looked at as a map of the experience of the soul and humanity. It shows us a picture of nothing becoming all, physical matter becoming everything and then nothing again.

The large diameter of this bowl produces full tones with a long sustain. When struck with a mallet the bowl rings profoundly, sending forth deep, invigorating vibrations.

Bowl Measurements (Approx.):
Diameter: 23"
Height: 9"
Rim Thickness: 1 cm
Weight: 32 lbs 13 oz

Watch the video below for a standing demonstration:

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